The Grab-Grow-Go method

As a medical entrepreneur, we have three phases of our business:

  1. GRAB (hooking attention, captivating curiosity about your delivery of healthcare)
  2. GROW (increasing your panel, packing value into your visits)
  3. GO (putting systems and processes in place to scale and improve efficiency)

In this course, I'm going to convince you why a virtual assistant is the important "GO" part of the Grab-Grow-Go method.

A happy, efficient virtual assistant is the most impactful workhorse in your practice. They can complete many tasks that aren't within your ideal "zone of genius" so it frees you up for other satisfying things, like solving medical mysteries or dancing to new TikToks.

With my systems approach, you will be able to confidently hire a virtual assistant using the "safety net" of a comprehensive 30 day onboarding checklist. This helps both of you feel supported and attentive to milestones, and if the VA is not performing up to your standards, it's easier to let them go and hire another one from the pool of candidates that you have interviewed.

Elements of a Creative Medical Micropractice (1).pdf
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