Integrate: Doodling to Increase Retention

Doodling isn’t the fluffy time waster you might think it is! You can retain 29% more information that you listen to while you doodle at the same time! The reasons why we doodle can be multiple, but research suggests it is an untapped journey into our unconscious mind as we communicate with symbolic expressions.

Our right brain is better able to cast a wide net of creative neural connections when the left brain is less controlling. Doodling can allow your “over-focusing” circuits to relax and allow better flow to creatively solve a problem by allowing a trance-like state of consciousness.

How does one start being a doodler?

If you need some structure, it’s rather simple! Learn these basic shapes and let your mind wander while you try to recreate them!

Get out your workbook!

  1. Experiment with shading, line width, colors, and patterns.
  2. Find which utensil feels better in your hand: pencil, ballpoint pen, marker, crayon, colored pencil
  3. Try repeated patterns of the same shape: big and small, oblong, stretched, or thin.
  4. Be more adventurous and try doodling your name in stylized font.


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