This Micro-Dose course is a mini-sample of Right Brain Rescue. You'll get 2 days of the first level of "creative recovery" in the ICU as you'll learn the foundational aspects of how creativity is formed in your brain and the nutritional component of generating optimal energy.

You'll begin by downloading a few pages of the Right Brain Rescue curriculum to follow along with your instructional video.

The cornerstone of Right Brain Rescue comes from the M.I.N.D. method, a collection of evidence-based tips to fuel our Mitochondria, Integrate your brain, practice Noticing your environment, and using expansive Divergent thought.

This 2 day "weekend hospitalization" in ICU will supply you with a sample of the of M.I.N.D. exercises, that accompany the workbook.

If you're happy with this course, you'll receive a discount coupon to purchase the entire course at a discount! Win/win!

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