Introduction and history

Hi! My name is Lara Salyer.

I love to have fun. And I think that's what's missing in healthcare.

I'm a small-town ex-family physician who strategically resigned from my employed position in 2016 to open a holistic private practice in functional medicine. I'm married to a physician and I'm a mom of three in the rural Midwest. This means I am organized and practical about everything I do, but I maintain humor and play in my life.

I even wrote a bestselling memoir about it!

I believe “a patient’s health is directly proportional to their physician’s teaching ability”. I leveraged technology to build a unique micropractice by hosting innovative group medical visits, online health education, as well as traditional individual services.

When I'm not involved in patient care, I write, draw, and speak about the intersection of creative flow state and medicine.

One of my favorite things is to partner with enthusiastic practitioners which is why you're reading this! Why recreate the color wheel when I can help you succeed faster?

There are many great mentorships in the functional medicine space, but the top two common complaints I hear: 1.) these programs are cost prohibitive (many between $6,000 -$20,000), and 2.) they overload you with too much information without practical application.

I have experience building a high-touch, high-tech micropractice in a rural community, and I love sharing my best tips for those medical entrepreneurs ready to bloom!  My mentorship is completely personalized and happens at the pace you need, tailored to exactly what you're seeking at the time. We'll meet as little or often as you need to shrink that timeline to allow faster momentum and success.

Here's a short list of what I've helped other health professionals with:

  • Creating a signature workshop to prospective patients
  • Transitioning from fee-for-service and packages to a solid membership model for constant income
  • Impactful ways to expand your social media reach with ease
  • Best practices on hiring a virtual assistant to grow and scale
  • Utilizing Group Visits in your practice to maximize efficiency and patient retention

What happens in that hour is a bit of sparkly magic:

You start by scheduling a meeting with me online in Zoom and then fill out pre-meeting intake information so I can prepare for our time.  During our meeting, we’ll brainstorm to work through your goals, sequencing them in the right priority to propel you forward with ease. Each meeting results in an actionable and detailed shared Google document for your reference.  It will contain a personalized checklist with access to anything of mine that pertains to your current needs (eg. Disclaimers, Standard Operating Procedures, Ad Copy, Assets, etc).  

If you’re craving more than this masterclass, let's work together! You can book a $5 Discovery Call here.

Or, if you're LIT and ready to go, book your Mentorship Session here!