Introduction and history

Hi! My name is Lara Salyer.

I help motivated high-performers redesign their life by identifying areas that block flow and strategically plan methods to mitigate fatigue, move past burnout, and emerge as a flourishing, embodied protagonist of their own self-actualization.

I want to help you avoid burnout.

I get it. I’ve been there. I was shocked to discover myself struggling with burnout 15 years into my career as a rural family medicine physician.

Fast forward to now and I’m helping thousands of practitioners like yourself write the next chapter of their story.

I use my certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine and The Flow Research Collective’s High Flow Leadership Academy to guide you from burned-out to bliss in whatever next steps you need to take.

My professional mentorship is customized and collaborative. I offer comfortable solutions like intermittent personalized coaching to clarify your next steps—all the way to comprehensive six month programs that give tools and support to help your holistic medical practice run effortlessly.

I even wrote a bestselling memoir about it!

I believe “a patient’s health is directly proportional to their physician’s teaching ability”. I leveraged technology to build a unique micropractice by hosting innovative group medical visits, online health education, as well as traditional individual services.

When I'm not involved in patient care, I write, draw, and speak about the intersection of creative flow state and medicine.

Why recreate the color wheel when I can help you succeed faster?

There are many great mentorships

Unfortunately, many of them are disappointing because they:

  • are cost prohibitive (many between $6,000 -$20,000)
  • overload you with too much information without practical application.
  • require hours of self-paced material to weed through
  • don't supply templates to streamline your efficiency right NOW
  • may not include private coaching AND group masterminds
  • don't help with all areas of running a practice (marketing, patient onboarding, systems efficiency, burnout proofing, etc)
  • utilize a dogmatic approach without flexibility or creativity

This is why I designed my Ultimate Mentorship completely unlike anything offered.

I have experience building a high-touch, high-tech micropractice in a rural community, and I share my best tips for those medical entrepreneurs ready to bloom.  My mentorship is completely personalized and happens at the pace you need, tailored to exactly what you're seeking at the time. We'll meet as little or often as you need to shrink that timeline to allow faster momentum and success.

We are in the beginning of a medical Renaissance, where we embrace innovation, art and science to promote ultimate healing. This will require RADICAL CREATIVITY, and that's exactly what I offer for my (affectionately termed) "Radicals" enrolled in Mentorship. In addition to private coaching, we meet monthly for Studio Time on Zoom, where we go deep in brainstorming, facilitated discussion and deep dive in neuroscience of flow state so we can retain our vibrancy and avoid burnout.

This free course contains my essential organizational tools that have helped me start my holistic membership practice, based on one premise:

A successful medical entrepreneur is an organized one.

The Grab-Grow-Go-Glow method, when implemented routinely, will allow you to build your holistic medical practice in a holistic way: you'll be fueling all four cornerstones of a successful business at once, without losing your mind or feeling overwhelmed.

When you're finished with this course, if you'd like more, please check out my expanded resource area with opportunities to take courses or sign up for mentorship that includes private coaching time as well!

Keep coloring outside those lines!


P.S. -- Please watch my FREE mini-classes featuring guest experts in the public access area of Studio Time here!