Being a medical professional doesn't have to be BORING.

Whether you're just curious about starting a cash-only medical micropractice or you've already gone rogue....this free masterclass is for you!

I think in pictures and thrive with systems. Building a low-overhead, lean micropractice with ONE practitioner is possible! I've done it and helped others do it too.

If you're like me, we can be a bit perfectionistic. We assume that we need to have a legion of ancillary staff to deliver quality medical care.

Let me show you how you can do this all by yourself with the aid of ONE virtual assistant.

I've compiled my best tips, favorite tech platforms and apps into this free masterclass so you can paint from the same colorful palette to create your own masterpiece! I also infused elements I use when coaching flow state optimization.

Make your medical micropractice as uniquely colorful as you!

Micropractice Masterclass will give you

  • Burnout Proofing tips
  • How to identify your Peak Performance Network Team
  • Understanding why Flow State optimization is crucial to any entrepreneurial growth
  • My Grab, Grow, Go and GLOW! method to build systems in your practice
  • Downloadable PDF list of my ultimate resources used for each of these pillars
  • Expand social media presence in just 5 minutes a day.
  • Video tutorial on building a rural micropractice membership-only practice

I love helping health practitioners paint their career masterpiece! Feel free to book a Discovery Call with me to learn more about private mentorship today!

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Micropractice Masterclass

Tips for a creative medical practice