When you're faced with HARD DECISIONS on what to do next (Catalyst™ Decision Scoring sheet)


We often feel paralyzed or overwhelmed with fear.

  • "Am I making the right decision?"
  • "I'm spending so much time doing EVERYTHING, how can I narrow my focus?"
  • "What if I am going down the wrong road?"

It helps to look at things objectively, which is harder to do when you're in the middle of it all as an entrepreneur!

Here's where the CATALYST™ DECISION SCORING SHEET comes in! You can use this interactive Google sheet to cut through the overwhelm and make clearer decisions based on a rating system that is similar to the RICE system to prioritize projects.


  1. Open up this Google sheet (it's "view-only")
  2. Make a copy and save it immediately to your Google drive
  3. Follow the instructions on scoring

Here's to happier decisions!

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