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How is your work/life alignment since progressing through the Catalyst Roadmap?

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Lesson Summary

The Catalyst milestone tracker is a comprehensive guide focused on professional development and growth across different stages. The tracker is structured into several key areas, each with specific action items and goals to achieve.


  • Identify top 5 core values.
  • Create a draft tagline to define your purpose.
  • Visualize ideal patient demographics and characteristics.
  • Set up a virtual vision board using the Catalyst Trello Template.
  • Sign a personal proclamation.


  • Identify preferred tech stack for operations and attracting/nurturing clients.
  • Edit and download Disclaimers and Consent forms.
  • Create communication preferences to manage contacts efficiently.
  • Complete a personal User Manual to understand energy expenditure.
  • Recognize and address leaky boundaries to protect energy.


  • Begin creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Define Discovery Call and Onboarding processes.
  • Set up social media profiles with relevant information.
  • Use infographics for education and repurpose content.
  • Develop efficiencies through charting and templates.


  • Explore Group Visits and hiring a Virtual Assistant.
  • Create tiered Membership Offerings with benefits for each tier.
  • Consistently post on social media using scheduling tools.


  • Request testimonials and explore affiliate relationships.
  • Set professional goals like public speaking or book publishing.
  • Consider hosting an Expo or live event.
  • Develop a loyalty program for patient retention.
  • Use the Catalyst scoring calculator to prioritize decisions effectively.

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