Membership Magic:

Design your own 3 Tier Functional Medicine Membership

Calling all Functional and Integrative practitioners 📣

Are you still offering packages and feeling like you're stuck in this constant hustle cycle of selling? Packages don't work. They run the risk of under- or over-selling for your time and expertise.

There's a better way---The Catalyst Way™!

When you stack your functional or integrative services in a membership model, you have the ability to deliver high quality care without burning out.

  • You'll enhance your patient's knowledge (because you're providing information and value outside the appointment time)
  • Your patients will be respectful of boundaries (because you'll demonstrate them and clearly outline them)
  • Your medical treatments will be more impactful (because you're offering innovative support between office visits)
  • You will feel valued for your time (since income is not tied to appointment length or frequency)
  • You'll feel appropriately compensated (because you offer several tiers of membership to reflect varying supportive needs)
  • Your patients will learn to be self-reliant in their healing journey as they receive peer-to-peer support, facilitated by group visits
  • Discovery Calls will be a snap (because you'll never feel like a salesperson again when you offer choices)

In this replay of my popular Membership Magic workshop, you will

  • Pick from my Idea Bank (of over 100 different choices) to build your customized stack of unique service offerings and walk away with a 3 Tiered Model that is ready to launch.
  • Design your own professional 3 Tier Service Comparison Chart that explains your Membership Model easily (downloadable PDF and .png options for you to keep!)
  • Access the Profit Calculator to estimate earnings to scale your vision

What to expect with a membership model:

  • Improved cash flow (consistent deposits into your account)
  • Decreased administration headache (no more counting visits left within a package!)
  • Allows flexibility to continue working with patients you enjoy and like
  • Patients are MORE motivated to do the work because they’re paying monthly
  • You won’t experience any “ghosting” of patients (no more “lost to follow up”)
  • Allows easy option to discontinue those patients that aren’t a good fit after your minimum membership contract is fulfilled
  • Lowers the barrier to entry for patients (no large case fee up front!)

This course is ideal for you if:

  • You are a Functional or Integrative medicine practitioner (MDs, DOs, NDs, DCs, NPs, PAs)
  • You have a Cash-based or insurance practice (or both!)
  • You're struggling with how to incorporate all your services under one easy model
  • You're interested in delivering innovative healthcare without burning out
  • You're tired of selling packages and want to stop the endless hustle cycle.

What to expect inside:

  • Replay of our popular 100 minute workshop
  • 10 page workbook to download and print (which includes a 2 page Idea Bank, 2 page Service Stack worksheets, access to editable Canva link to create your own 3 Tier Comparison Chart for use on your website or patient education materials)
  • You will receive the Membership Profit Calculator to automatically plug in numbers and understand how to price your tiers
  • You will receive some extra fun bonuses (because I love giving gifts 🎁)

Example Curriculum

Let's go!