Membership Magic:

Design your own 3 Tier Functional Medicine Membership

Calling all Functional and Integrative practitioners 📣

Are you still offering packages and feeling like you're stuck in this constant hustle cycle of selling? Packages don't work. They run the risk of under- or over-selling for your time and expertise. Functional medicine practitioners, ditch those packages! Design your own three tier membership that allows flexibility for patient success. Here’s the starting steps: 1. Pick a metric to assign to a tier 2. Pack those tiers with services 3. Assign cost structure I have a pop-up workshop November 8. in 90 minutes, you will have a completed three tier comparison chart that is customized to your unique services. Join me! #entrepreneurs #integrativemedicine #physicianleader #privatepractice #CEOlifestyle #healthcaretransformation #leadership #coloroutsidethelines #physician #holistichealth #independentmedicine #innovativemedicine #healthandwellness #doctormom #functionalmedicine #mindset #flow #naturopath #osteopathicmedicine ♬ original sound - Dr. Lara Salyer

There's a better way---The Catalyst Way™!

When you stack your functional or integrative services in a membership model, you have the ability to deliver high quality care without burning out.

  • You'll enhance your patient's knowledge (because you're providing information and value outside the appointment time)
  • Your patients will be respectful of boundaries (because you'll demonstrate them and clearly outline them)
  • Your medical treatments will be more impactful (because you're offering innovative support between office visits)
  • You will feel valued for your time (since income is not tied to appointment length or frequency)
  • You'll feel appropriately compensated (because you offer several tiers of membership to reflect varying supportive needs)
  • Your patients will learn to be self-reliant in their healing journey as they receive peer-to-peer support, facilitated by group visits
  • Discovery Calls will be a snap (because you'll never feel like a salesperson again when you offer choices)

In this replay of my popular Membership Magic workshop, you will:

  • 🧠 Pick from my Idea Bank (of over 100 different choices) to build your customized stack of unique service offerings and walk away with a 3 Tiered Model that is ready to launch.
  • 📝 Design your own professional 3 Tier Service Comparison Chart that explains your Membership Model easily (downloadable PDF and .png options for you to keep!)
  • ✨ Access the Profit Calculator to estimate earnings to scale your vision

What to expect with a membership model:

  • Improved cash flow (consistent deposits into your account)
  • Decreased administration headache (no more counting visits left within a package!)
  • Allows flexibility to continue working with patients you enjoy and like
  • Patients are MORE motivated to do the work because they’re paying monthly
  • You won’t experience any “ghosting” of patients (no more “lost to follow up”)
  • Allows easy option to discontinue those patients that aren’t a good fit after your minimum membership contract is fulfilled
  • Lowers the barrier to entry for patients (no large case fee up front!)

This course is ideal for you if:

  • 🩺 You are a Functional or Integrative medicine practitioner (MDs, DOs, NDs, DCs, NPs, PAs)
  • 💰 You have a Cash-based or insurance practice (or both!)
  • 😔 You're struggling with how to incorporate all your services under one easy model
  • 🙌 You're interested in delivering innovative healthcare without burning out
  • 🛑 You're tired of selling packages and want to stop the endless hustle cycle.

What to expect inside:

  • Replay of our popular 100 minute workshop
  • 10 page workbook to download and print (which includes a 2 page Idea Bank, 2 page Service Stack worksheets, access to editable Canva link to create your own 3 Tier Comparison Chart for use on your website or patient education materials)
  • You will receive the Membership Profit Calculator to automatically plug in numbers and understand how to price your tiers
  • You will receive some extra fun bonuses (because I love giving gifts 🎁)

Elevate your practice!


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"I found the idea bank for what to include in each tier very helpful!" - Katherine, FNP

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"Boundaries!!!! This is something I need help with & this helped me understand they are needed for my own mental health. I also loved learning about the 3 tier model. " - Stacy Welker FNP-C

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"Your insistence on boundaries with patients is helpful. The example you gave pulled this into focus (who is a good fit and who is NOT a good fit for one's practice)." - Nicole Fenske, DC

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"Honestly how to figure out how many clients I can see and then the ability to be able to play with the profit calculator." - Sheri Brinkmeyer, MHS

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"Love the checklist for brainstorming of services that could be offered!" - Mandy Patterson, ND, MHS, OTR/L

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"10 out of 10 I would recommend this workshop to a colleague or a friend. So much actionable sharing and a non-commercial approach that is SO refreshing. The market is suddenly so full of practitioners who are done doing business and want to "share their biz making genius to help YOU get rich"... but their how-to videos share NOTHING but a formula on a pretty PPT slide and 7 additional slides covering what they offer and the 42 bonuses you'll get to spend grands with them! ARGH--it's all kinda inauthentic, sales vibes! I'm all about investing in my business learning but really clear about the energy I'm seeking to invest IN to ensure I'm creating a biz I, PERSONALLY, would want to purchase from." - Kara Foster, AFMC, FMCHC

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"Love the breakdown of this topic, into digestible, actionable pieces! You are a ROCK STAR!" - Anonymous

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"A direct and actionable plan to membership. A strong support to stay in my integrity." - Jess Miller, MD, Wildflower Seed Integrative Family Medicine

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"Love the flexibility of membership, it takes the pressure off of having to try & sell big packages which never really sat well with me" - Anonymous