Educating an audience about holistic medicine can be a daunting task.

Whether you're just starting out in functional medicine, or you're a veteran practitioner that has been invited to speak about it, this course will help you deliver an engaging and insightful lecture.

One of the trickiest parts of the functional medicine intake process is the MATRIX and TIMELINE.

This course will help your audience connect the dots in their own journey though the matrix and timeline!

Using the metaphor of home inspection, this powerpoint presentation has been successfully used by dozens of practitioners across the world to explain Functional Medicine in a relatable and fun way.

THE BEST PART of this signature talk is that participants leave with ACTIONABLE TIPS to start on a journey towards better health!

In this course, you will get:
  • Full Google slide deck (209 slides!) to edit on your own
  • Live recording of this lecture so you can observe nuances and delivery
  • Downloadable worksheets for your participants: "Functional Home" and "List of Triggers".
  • Editable template for these handouts so you can add your own logo and business information!

You will be able to captivate your community with an evidence-based signature talk that's DONE FOR YOU! (Check out the FREE preview and tour of slides below)


  1. Wi-Fi to watch lecture
  2. Familiarity with Google slides
  3. Google Drive
  4. Free Canva account
  5. Printer to print copies of handouts

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Pricing includes lifetime access to this course and any upgrades!