"This is the closest

thing to magic."

Flow is a powerful, energy-rich brain state that can be access and utilized everyday.

When we learn how to understand our selves, retool our habits, and organize our time, we discover limitless possibilities.

This course will help you uncover HOURS of extra time every day.

Burnout permeates all industries and results in unhappy, inefficient workers. Learning how to infuse creative flow into everyday activities is key to elevating collective happiness and aligning with a mission-driven purpose.

When you enroll in this course, you will gain access to a robust 90 minute video "Magic Lesson" and downloadable worksheets that will teach you to:

  • Excavate your core values
  • Build a personal mission statement
  • Rework your passion into a higher purpose
  • Move through the four phases of a flow cycle
  • Spot correct common flow blockers
  • Recognize and revise cognitive distortions
  • Enhance your day with flow triggers
  • Refine your active recovery toolkit
  • Practice cognitive reframing
  • Pinpoint your primary and secondary flow activities
  • Work through mental blocks and struggle
  • Develop your own boundaries
  • Gamify your day to increase wellbeing and flow
  • Free up more time in your schedule to do the things you want to do

This course is designed to be repeated several times as you hone and sharpen your own personal flow recipe. There's lots of material packed inside, many of which I use directly in my Catalyst Studio™ Mentorship program!


Just a computer with Wi-Fi, colored printer, and your inner creative muse!

About the course

What others are saying:

"I had to email you!

Where have you been all my life!

I just finished your Time Wizardry course, so much made SO much sense!  

For years, I have noticed how I can get into these epic flow states without any consistency and then I would get into hyperflow to the point that felt almost manic-like at times and then be exhausted and flat lined (wandering aimlessly) for days.  And then beat my self up about my inability to do anything!

I am almost manic-like now ;) in excitement to play with these concepts. 

Agreed will be a repeat watch!"

-- Happy Health Professional

Pricing includes lifetime access to this course and any upgrades!