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Hi! My name is Lara Salyer.

I was shocked to discover myself struggling with burnout 15 years into my career as an employed rural family medicine physician. (I even wrote a bestselling memoir about it)

I resigned from my employed position and opened my private functional medicine practice in 2017. I quickly realized that burnout can happen in any type of setting.

I saw witnessed heart-centered practitioners in their holistic practices, hemorrhaging time and money, as they overworked and overstressed about delivering personalized medical care.

I was determined to create a new way to practice medicine without sacrificing your soul, so I started streamlining my own methods into a membership-style practice with fair and equitable pricing, group visits, and thoughtful attention to smart use of technology.

Fast forward to now and I’m helping hundreds of practitioners from across the globe like yourself catalyze their independent medical practice based on proven systems and flow.

I use my certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine and The Flow Research Collective’s High Flow Leadership Academy to guide you in excavating your optimal self.

I believe that it’s possible to

  • have a medical practice that feels like home
  • infuse flow into your daily tasks and enjoy your career
  • turbo-boost your efficiency with the right systems
  • set empathetic and firm boundaries with patients
  • leverage creativity to enhance patient adherence and success
  • attract the right patient without a masters degree in marketing
  • burnout quickly, unless you have the right support in place

Enjoy a mini-sample of some of the top lessons I use in my Catalyst Mentorship!

To your inner catalyst,


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