The Grab-Grow-Go method

As a medical entrepreneur, we have three phases of our business:

  1. GRAB (hooking attention, captivating curiosity about your delivery of healthcare)
  2. GROW (increasing your panel, packing value into your visits)
  3. GO (putting systems and processes in place to scale and improve efficiency)

In this course, I'll show you the exact blueprint I used several years ago to transition your patient population into a membership style platform. This is the important Grow part of the Grab-Grow-Go method.

You will get access to a 6 week timeline: a calendar with tasks and items placed in each day that supports your seamless transition into membership. The best part: this calendar is customized!

You'll be able to type in the final launch day of your new membership, and this calendar will auto-populate backwards to give you exact dates for your tasks and agenda items needed for a seamless launch!

An important part of a successful membership program is providing value in a group setting. This allows better distribution of your time to impact the masses. In this course, you'll learn best practices in starting group medical visits, signing disclaimers, recording and repurposing your educational content, and how to use group visits to enhance your education and diminish the need for private patient visits.

Finally, it's absolutely critical to include strong guidelines when running a membership practice. This course will teach you how to lay down loving boundaries for yourself and patient members so neither of you will run the risk of burnout and overwhelm.


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