Holistic and integrative doctors can get burned out too.

Don't let this happen.

Delivering your healthcare in a membership model is the key to aligning goals and co-creating a seamless health journey for your patient.

We already know that Fee-For-Service does not work for holistic medicine. Paying for a clinician's time and expertise only when needed is not the way to build sustainable health.

Packages don't work either. When a patient purchases an all-inclusive 6 month package, they're really buying a false promise. What happens when they aren't miraculously healed in 6 months?

MEMBERSHIP MODELS are the only way that can serve both patient and practitioner with congruence:

  • No more patients lost to follow-up
  • No more last minute administrative panic when a patient wants to "use up" their remaining visits purchased from a package months ago
  • No more unpaid time spent answering portal messages
  • No more one-size-fits-all promises to heal a person within a certain unrealistic time frame
  • No more inconsistent income and battling the "feast or famine" mentality
  • No more constant selling.

You're a medical professional, not a salesperson.

As a rural functional medicine physician, I have successfully transferred my patients through all the choices. I felt like I had to constantly sell them on the idea of health. I had to explain why some people take longer to heal than others. It was exhausting.

It wasn't until I settled on the Membership Model that I could finally breathe and feel like I could practice at my highest level. Now, I mentor hundreds of health practitioners to do the same.

When you have a clear blueprint of how to transition your practice to the membership model, you'll see how easy this can be!

By offering your services within a tiered membership, you will
  • Increase patient compliance
  • Serve your community (even those that can't afford private care!)
  • Support patients between office visits
  • Allow flexibility to serve a variety of patient types
  • Create realistic expectations on the healing journey
  • Empower patients with kind boundary setting
  • Benefit from consistent income directly tied to your value

Yes, you CAN do this in 6 weeks.

Membership Transition Kit will give you everything you need to move your Fee-For-Service or Package offerings into a healthy, sustainable Membership Model

  • Six week calendar of tasks that will automatically populate when you enter your Launch Date
  • Group Visit implementation module that guides you on proper format, tech tools, tips and disclaimers on offering weekly Group Visits
  • Examples of Live Group Visits from my personal practice so you can see how this is done in real time.
  • Done-For-You Email Templates for 5 weeks of communication to your existing patients, announcing your transition
  • Step-by-step outline on how to pack value into your Membership Tiers.
  • Simple formulas to calculate initial membership pricing
  • Best practices on tech-savvy ways to promote your Membership Model
  • Templates for legal disclaimers to include with your Group Visits, Electronic Communications, and Membership Model
  • Beautiful Canva templates that you can edit and customize to showcase your unique membership offerings
  • Guide on how to set boundaries so your patients feel supported and you don't hemorrhage your energy in the portal
  • This is part of the Grab, Grow, and GO! method to build sustainable systems in your practice


My templates and lessons can apply to any medical practice. My mentorship is not dogmatic, but rather collaborative: I give you access to the tools and you can use them, adjust them, and build what works for you!

You don't need the exact same tech apps I use, but you should view the introductory module to get an idea of what is required.

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Course Curriculum

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  Unrolling your Group Medical Visits
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  Building your Medical Membership
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  Establishing guidelines and boundaries
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  Putting it all together
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