Solve 7 problems at once

In the antiquated delivery of healthcare, all recommendations happened within the four walls of an exam room. If a patient had questions or wanted to supplement their learning, they had to search for themselves.

When you start making simple mini-courses for your patients:

  • You'll keep your medical practice fresh and fun (because you're not repeating the same basic information over again)
  • Your patients will be smarter (they'll understand at deeper levels)
  • Your office visits will be more impactful (as you'll have time to answer more detailed questions)
  • You have instant access for charity donations or raffles by supplying coupons
  • You'll attract more patients to your office as they try one of your low-cost solutions first
  • You pack value into your membership model so patient members get free access to these classes
  • This is easy to scale: as you make mini-courses, you can begin bundling them together for larger purchases

In one afternoon, you will see how easy and fun this can be. I've eliminated the waste and only zeroed in on the essential components of making a successful mini-course so you only have to say something ONCE.

Take a tour of my selection of mini-courses from my private practice here!

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