Health doesn't happen within the four walls of an exam room.

Whether you're just starting a medical micropractice and need to attract new patients or you're a hard-working health professional who wants to scale your reach and use courses to streamline your efficiency, this is for you.

If you're like me, we can be a bit perfectionistic. We assume that an online course needs to be comprehensive, all-encompassing and worthy of college tuition. Nope.

Let me introduce you to the idea of Mini-Courses!

When you nail down the process of creating suave and simple mini-courses, you can pop them up in your spare time. Before you know it, you'll have gathered a collection of bite-size nuggets that impact your patients and clients in amazing ways. And you can bundle them together for a more comprehensive course!

By offering content in small mini-courses, you will
  • Increase patient compliance
  • Scale your impact to wider audiences
  • Avoid explaining the same things over and over
  • Increase passive income
  • Improve value of a membership-based medical practice
  • Grow your social media presence
  • Refine your patient onboarding systems and process management

Yes, you CAN do this in an afternoon!

Create a Course in an Afternoon will give you everything you need to get you addicted to building mini-courses on

  • Fill-in-the-blank templates to zero in on a compelling title that hooks your audience and makes your course irresistible!
  • Graphic design lessons to make your thumbnail images and course header stunningly beautiful on Canva, including sample templates to steal!
  • Practical video tips on how to make a quick 15 minute lecture deliver actionable advice
  • Step-by-step outline on a foolproof method to deliver the content that you can re-use for all your mini-courses
  • Simple formulas to help narrow your information down to a clean and clear message
  • Best practices on tech-savvy ways to promote your course and expand its reach beyond the brick-and-mortar
  • Templates for legal disclaimers to include with your course for protection
  • Pricing your course with modern marketing tips and tricks.
  • Grab, Grow, and GO! method to build systems in your practice


Although my templates and lessons can apply to any online course platform, I recommend having a basic Teachable account ($39/mo). All other tech mentioned in this course is free.

I love helping health practitioners build a creative micropractice! Feel free to book a Discovery Call with me to learn more about private mentorship today!

Pricing includes lifetime access to this course and any upgrades!