The Grab-Grow-Go method

As a medical entrepreneur, we have three phases of our business:

  1. GRAB (hooking attention, captivating curiosity about your delivery of healthcare)
  2. GROW (increasing your panel, packing value into your visits)
  3. GO (putting systems and processes in place to scale and improve efficiency)

In one afternoon, I'm going to convince you why a mini-course is the important part of the Grab-Grow-Go method.

An online mini-course is the smallest, most impactful workhorse in your practice. It can automate much of your education so it frees you up for other satisfying things, like solving medical mysteries or jumping on a trampoline.

We're used to comprehensive medical education. Our training spans YEARS. No wonder, we turn our nose up at the thought of distilling this down to anything shorter than a quarter million in tuition.

An online mini-course is:

  • Not intended to be super detailed to the molecular level
  • Not going to answer or solve all the questions
  • For educational purposes only

Once you finish this course, you will have the all the right disclaimers and outline in place, you'll see how easy it is to replicate this template and collect dozens of mini-courses that do the work for you!

A solid mini-course has three things:

  1. Video (usually 10-15 minutes long)
  2. Text (usually an outline of what's covered in the video)
  3. Handouts (usually 3-6 PDF downloads)

With enough mini-courses in your account, you can bundle them to make a worthwhile experience for your patients.

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