Rekindle your inner creative muse with the Right Brain Rescue DIGITAL PLANNER.

Using the best neuroscience tips from brilliant minds like Cal Newport, Steven Kotler, James Clear, Scott Barry Kaufmann, Christine Maslach, you'll learn how to organize your life around those stressful days and stop procrastination.

The entire 105 page PDF planner is hyperlinked to allow easy navigation. It's also intentionally undated so you can duplicate and reuse the planner year after year!


  • Undated 12 month PDF planner
  • Sunday start dates
  • Monthly and weekly layouts
  • Mini-calendar for weekly layout
  • Hyperlinked Month-at-a-glance with hyperlinked monthly templates
  • Hyperlinked Section Header page
  • 12 hyperlinked month tabs

Special Color Coded tabs will link to:

  • Vision board
  • Purpose Hunt
  • Future Self exercise
  • Year-End Goals
  • Quarterly Goals
  • Tiny Habit Tracker
  • Motivation Inventory
  • Flow Blockers exercise
  • Flow Triggers exercise
  • Flow Recipe Finder
  • Financial Goals
  • Expenses
  • Monthly Audit
  • Balance Check
  • Gratitude List
  • Recovery Toolkit
  • Big Ideas
  • Small Ideas
  • Project Ideas

Each month includes

  • Month at-a-glance
  • 5 Week at-a-glance layouts
  • Customizable week schedule
  • Task list


(no physical product is delivered, this is a digital download)

  • 1 downloadable 105 page PDF
  • Video and written guide on how to download and import digital planner into note-taking app
  • Bonus resource section for time management
  • Special coupon for discount off additional training to become a Time Wizard!


Devices compatible with this planner:

  • any Apple device (iPad, iPhone, & Mac books)
  • any Android device (tablet, computer, etc.)
  • any Microsoft device (surface, tablet, computer, etc.)

Apps compatible with this planner:

  • Goodnotes app (available on any IOS device)
  • Notability app (available on any IOS device)
  • Noteshelf (available universally on IOS, Android, and Microsoft)
  • Xodo app (available universally on IOS, Android, and Microsoft)
  • Collanote app (available on any IOS device)
  • Kilonotes app (available on any IOS device)
  • Zoom Notes (available on any IOS device)
  • Drawboard PDF (available on any Windows 10 device)

* some of these apps can sync across devices (EX: Goodnotes, Noteshelf, etc.)


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3. Once you're inside the course, you'll get access to all tutorials, materials and NEWFOUND FREEDOM AND TIME MANAGEMENT!


Due to the nature of the item being digital and for instant download, no refunds or cancellation is available.

If you need help please submit a support ticket to [email protected]

This item is for personal use and cannot be resold, redistributed, or used for any commercial purposes.

Copyright © Dr. Lara Salyer at Right Brain Rescue