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0:00 Hi, welcome to the Catalyst Reclamation, the only online self-guided course that will help you peddle back from burnout using the neuroscience of flow to invite more ease, creativity and joy back into your medical career.

0:15 My name is Dr. Lara Salyer, and I believe that if we learned how to pray our ties, creativity and flow, burnout couldn't exist.

0:24 I'm so glad you're here and taking a peek at what is to offer inside this course. From other practitioners that have participated in the past, there's many reasons why we sign up to learn more about how we can manage a career in healthcare.

0:40 These are just some of the reasons that other past participants have signed up. They're feeling at the end of their rope.

0:47 They might resign. They're feeling stuck, burned out. Many of them need help with work. They want to reclaim their energy and joy again.

0:58 The landscape of medicine has changed to the point it's unrecognizable. And many participants want to learn how to enjoy medicine again, how to reframe and refocus their energy, manage time, learn how to process stress and boundaries, and tap into the beautiful flow to reduce burnout.

1:19 My mission is to transform the practice of medicine by teaching 1 million healthcare practitioners how to tap into creative flow state and reclaim that autonomy, joy, and pedalback from burnout.

1:32 Currently, I'm at 76,000 and increasing with each day. In this course, you will learn the neuroscience behind burnout and creative flow.

1:41 You will uncover new ways to anchor your values and gain autonomy. This makes your medical practice personal to you. You will reclaim your boundaries as a method of self-preservation and discover innovative practices for better time management and finally apply evidence based strategies to increase

2:02 energy and ease. Most importantly, you'll learn how to play again. My goal is to turn every typical practitioner from stressed and overworked and busy to a catalyst that is innovative, unique, organized, boundaried, flow to channeled, anti-burnout.

2:24 Me? I'm basically a mom of three. I'm a doctor, a DO, certified through the Institute for Functional Medicine, and I burned out probably in 2014.

2:34 You'll hear more of my story inside the course, but I started drawing and painting and running, and this put me into a flow state.

2:41 I learned that my decisions became more intuitive and wise, and my values had shifted. So I resigned from family medicine in 2016.

2:50 I certified through the IFM, and I wrote a book, Right Brain Rescue, and then trained with the Flow Research Collective.

2:57 I wanted to really understand how to leverage neuroscience, of course, flow, how to coach this kind of application inside a system of health care.

3:07 I do believe dogs are better than humans, and I believe that we are all catalysts that can change health care from within.

3:15 Now, if all of us do have 70,000 thoughts per day, I have double that, and so I definitely talk fast.

3:21 This quote, of course, will help you understand things in new ways, and you have lifetime access. You can revisit some of these entertaining activities, download the workbook, and spiral upward in your own self-excavation process as you learn how to optimize your joy and well-being.

3:40 A few disclosures. Some of this information in here, it's all evidence-based information that is from neuroscience, psychology, and human behavior.

3:49 But you might recognize that some of the tips and methods we use originate from ancient indigenous practices, and I am only sharing my lived experience as a cis white woman, but I recognize that we have a lot of the global majority that is marginalized.

4:06 So I strive to make this a comfortable space to include populations and amplify those voices. Burnout is systemic, but it's highly individual, and each experience is personal.

4:19 So I work hard to give a buffet of tools. That may or may not work for you in its cafeteria style.

4:25 Take what works, leave the rest, but you can circle back and try different tools. Your goal is that you will have a toolkit and a method based on neuroscience and flow.

4:36 And you'll learn about that aha method in the first module. The CME accreditation is from Rush University. Which is for physicians for a maximum of 10 hours of PRA AMA category one.

4:49 And one final disclosure before we end this free preview is this is definitely not me. So get ready to journey into the neuroscience of burnout and how to play a game.

5:02 Again, thanks for watching.

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