Changing the practice of medicine through creating their own flow-channeled, creativity-driven practices. Catalyst Mentorship equips independent practitioners with everything necessary to optimize an efficient, organized and unique membership-style micropractice. 

Whether you’re just starting out and looking for comprehensive support or suffering from redundancies and seeking modern streamlining, Catalyst Mentorship supports best practices in optimizing your time by leveraging technology, group visits, and personal flow education so you can fall in love with medicine again and recapture your enthusiasm.

Envision a virtual “Sip & Paint” studio for your medical practice, where you are given solid templates to create your masterpiece, the atmosphere is playfully educational, and mistakes are anticipated invitations to learn and adapt quickly.  

Mentorship is completely personalized and happens at the pace you need, tailored to exactly what you’re seeking at the time. You’ll join a community of innovative practitioners just like you, who are changing the face of medicine.

When you join other Catalyzers around the world, you'll use this roadmap as a guide to create your own masterpiece. You'll collaborate in our biweekly Studio Time sessions and continue to benefit from our paid Catalyst Coaches as they teach legal, marketing, and professional development workshops to augment your learning.

After your six month mentorship, you’re invited to continue creating with our Catalyzers for a low monthly fee of $99/mo that allows access to all perks of mentorship as well as scheduling bonus single 1:1 coaching sessions at the rate of $399/hr.


Hi, I’m Lara Salyer.

I'm a lot of things: ex-family medicine physician, current functional physician, mom of three, passionate about flow state and brain/body balance.

But most importantly, I'm your #1 cheerleader and Chief Catalyst to help guide you to creating your independent practice that feels authentic, organized, and efficient.

I infuse my training from Flow Research Collective into each program, mentoring session, and group masterminds to help you unlock new horizons you never thought possible!


. . . Is not your typical professional development experience. You'll be invited into a safe space where you can feel supported and guided to create a unique practice that is all your own. For a full list of Frequently Asked Questions

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