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Hi, I’m Dr. Lara Salyer!

I see you. I understand you. I was you.

You signed on for a vibrant career in medicine and now you're feeling like a factory doctor, flipping patients every 10 minutes. Rushing to comply with checklists. Fretting over the lack of connection. Watching your career get stale.

I'm here to help you re-energize your career, decrease stress, and have more fun!

I'll teach you how to color outside the lines of a typical health professional and fall in love with your life again. Studies link creativity with improved self-worth, agency, and happiness.

  • Creativity is a brain activation pattern that can be augmented with practice!
  • Neuroplasticity can be influenced by nutrition!

Put this together with over 400 references and Right Brain Rescue is the first program to expand your creativity to new levels.

The online "Creativity Incubator"

Right Brain Rescue is a self-guided online course that helps you explore your creativity and build a method that works for you.

  • LOG IN: Desktop preferred
  • PLAY: 60 page downloadable workbook companion
  • LEARN: Powerful brain balancing exercises
  • EAT: Recipes that fuel your mitochondria and boost energy
  • CREATE: Art tutorials using items in your home
  • WATCH: Videos and lectures curated from cutting edge neuroscience
  • MEASURE: Testing embedded along your recovery to measure progress
  • LEVEL-UP: Printable Certificate to hang in your office
  • SUSTAIN: Lifelong creativity with ongoing tips, tech, and tricks to #coloroutsidethelines

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What others are saying...

Victoria Albina

Lara is an innovator and brings a creative spark to the practice of medicine. Her work is fun, informative and poignant. We need someone like Lara to help shift our medical-science-brains back into creativity.

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- FNP-c, MPH -

Helen Perks

Dr. Lara is not only inspirational to her peers, she is a creative genius! Dr. Lara is a one-off who delivers original and captivating Functional Medicine messages in a fun, interactive, and artful manner. If anyone can reactivate your creative brain Dr. Lara can!

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- BSc - The Hygeia Clinic

Dr. Michael J. Kaye

What do you get when you mix intelligence with an artistic mind, a smile and a great laugh combined with the ability to gently guide, teach and illustrate complex ideas in an easily understandable manner? You get a Dr. Lara Salyer. Having had the opportunity to work with one of Dr. Lara’s products and to speak with her, I can tell you first hand she is truly genuine and a gentle soul. As I currently do not have the ability channel my artistic brain (hence looking forward to Right Brain Rescue) I am glad to have Dr. Salyer. Her infographics are phenomenal and I use them in my presentations and for my patients when explaining functional medicine. She is a leader in all ways. As the owner of The Center for Functional Health I am appreciative that Dr. Lara is in my corner.

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- DC, DACRB, CFMP - The Center for Functional Health

Dr. Heather Fork

Dr. Lara! I can’t wait for your Right Brain Rescue Program! I love your brilliant idea of using creativity to address burnout. Burnout can be such a depressing topic - we need someone like you, with your exuberant energy, out-of-the box thinking, and creative mind to bring a fresh approach to this rampant problem. I’ve seen first-hand how you have used your own creativity to transform your career and am very excited to be able to recommend your program to other physicians who want to find their joy again.

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- MD, CPCC - Doctor's Crossing

Dr. Nisha Chellam

Lara has created an awesome movement among us providers who can tend to take ourselves seriously. She has brought a smile, a sparkle and made us all dig back into our past where we left our creativity. […] Such sparkling energy is a positive contagion that I am […] moved to act upon, because guess what, it does activate your right brain and gets you more synchronized!

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- Founder - Medfix PC and Holistic ICON

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EVERY industry needs burnout relief, STAT!

I write, draw, and speak about the intersection of creativity in solving burnout.

  • Keynote speaking
  • Interactive workshops
  • Residency retreats
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Personalized mentorship

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