Guest teacher: David Korsunsky Founder/CEO of Heads Up (September 20, 2021)

Meet David Korsunsky 👉 an avid health enthusiast who created Heads Up to make it easier for anyone to take control over their health through more effective use of their data.

Prior to founding Heads Up, David worked in the data analytics industry for CloudPhysics where he led sales engineering for their platform collecting and analyzing over 80B data points per day. He also formerly served in Director-level leadership roles at VMware, a global leader in server virtualization and cloud computing. 


1. Learn how to integrate the latest and greatest DIGITAL HEALTH TECH (Oura, Libre, Apple Watch) into your client programs and protocols. 

2. Discover how to centralize all CLIENT DATA on a single dashboard. 

3. As a practitioner, learn how you can use data and tech to MINIMIZE burnout and MAXIMIZE recovery and peak performance.

Learn more by going to Heads Up!

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