Guest teacher: Dr. Brent Lacey, founder/CEO of The Scope of Practice (August 16, 2021)

Dr. Brent Lacey is a gastroenterologist who is passionate about helping physicians succeed with business and personal finances. Watch this 45-minute educational interview with Dr. Brent Lacey, Founder/CEO of The Scope of Practice! As a physician, Dr. Brent understands how overwhelming it can be to step out of clinical training and into a career, and he has seen firsthand the lack of education on how to run a practice and manage finances. 

In this presentation you'll learn:

💰 How to recognize and fix the MONEY you are losing (that you don't realize you're losing)! 

👉 Why would one choose an LLC vs an S-Corp to structure their business?

⏰ The old axiom that "time equals money" is critically true in the medical space, and you'll lose money if you forget that.

🌟 Learn to eliminate your DEBT and increase your FINANCES!

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