Guest teacher: Uli Iserloh from Big Boost Marketing (June 9, 2021)

Agenda for the ZOOM WEBINAR:

  • 👉 Using the right approach: Why marketing integrative & functional medicine requires an altogether different approach compared to regular medical marketing
  • 👉 Discover the key ingredients to make your marketing more influential... and how to boost exposure for your content
  • 👉 Learn why it's not enough to just educate prospects, but also to motivate them to take action now (and the 4 content buckets you should fill with your educational content marketing)
  • 👉 The most overlooked aspects of your marketing message... and how to easily fix that Uli will share real-life examples from practitioners following the "4-bucket formula"... so you know how to replicate their success
  • 👉 The step-by-step process to turning your influence into discovery calls... with pre-qualified prospects eager to partner with you
  • How to accomplish more (with less stress)... key "accelerators" for practice success


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