Guest teacher: Karla Singson CEO of Scalewind (December 20, 2021)

Meet Karla 👉 an award-winning writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, who has started physical and online businesses since she was 17. Her first business, a flower shop, has grown into a franchise with 11 locations. Along the way, she built businesses in marketing, PR, and outsourcing. With over a decade of experience in hiring, managing teams, leading campaigns for corporations and international nonprofits (including the UN!) she's a great resource for learning about lean business growth, and team building. 


1. That outsourcing and delegating are necessary to grow your practice with less burnout (don't be a victim to something you are helping your clients escape!)

2. It is not that difficult if you get the right guidance (to tackle cultural differences, skills/ experiences, consultation with a company who has done this for years, etc.)

3. The more time you free up, the more you can FOCUS on key needle movers for your practice + examples from our past clients

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